The artwork of Matthew Olds
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UP NORTH - The following works are based on the cabin that the artist's grandfather built in the north woods of Wisconsin. The cabin was a family gathering place during the artist's childhood lodging the vivid imagery into his mind. 


Ringers & Singers - The Lawrence Welk Show and Horseshoes, were both common sounds come evening time in the great northern woods of Wisconsin that the artist combined into one video.

A quick key to the following works:



The basement of the cabin held the pool hall where the men would retreat to during the evening hours. As the artist was a child, he was allowed to watch but not to play. The pool balls on the ceiling draw upon that sensation of things being out of reach. 

Northwoods Royalty - The mural on the back draws upon the 1950's-1980's decor of the supper clubs that dotted the north woods. The dietied buck on the wall represents a right of passage to manhood for that region and time that the artist loosely participated in without actually killing anything.

Take me for a Ride 1 & 2 - At the cabin there were always something to go for a ride on including a sparkling purple Yamaha motorcycle, golf cart, among others not depicted that the artist could only go on if someone else was driving.

The artist built a replica of the screen door including a strong snapping spring to snap the door shut which would ring out like a shot through woods as people came and went. The door entires into a wooden room with a bar where on the opening night the artist served Green Bay Boo-Yah, a popular regional dish with deep familial ties.


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