The artwork of Matthew Olds


(de)constructions - are paintings based on structures that I have built from salvaged and reclaimed materials. The structures are installed in the natural landscape or in a studio setting and then painted from. By using the structures as a unique source and jumping off point for my paintings, I find a new and uncharted area from which to paint from. There are three structures that I am currently using as source:  Bridges, Towers, Bunkers. Each structure has its own identity, meaning and symbolism. The formal elements of the painting are greatly considered such as the palette, the direct mark-making process, and what parts of the structure are redacted and what elements remain. The history of this process is found on the surface of the paintings. The paintings are displayed with elements of the structures they were created from creating a dialog between the 2 and 3-d.


All works protected by Copyright - 2019.