The artwork of Matthew Olds
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This body of work, Roadside Attraction, will be exhibited for the first time in August of 2019 at Gallery One Fine Art Center in Ellensburg, WA, in conjunction with a residency there in April of 2019. This page will be updated to correspond with the opening and will include the visual components (paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, audio, video) when installed in the space.

I have always been attracted to the open road and is my preferred mode of transport whenever possible. During those trips I’ve explored the backroads of the United States focusing on the American West and their meandering two lane highways and the towns that dot them along the way. With that as the backdrop and the windows down, it is a tremendous opportunity to consider and reflect upon the power of love and loss, the vastness of time and space, and the rouge and rambling remnants revealed along the way. This show will explore all of these themes.

Old highways are the graveyards of American Dreams and everything out here is exactly as it seems - Bleached out by the sun and drowned under years of beer.